Digital Generations

Encouraging the digital creativity of seniors

Project duration: 1. 11. 2021 – 30. 4. 2024

Programme: Erasmus+

Lead partner: Development Centre of the Heart of Slovenia 

Partner countries: Spain, France, Greece, Bulgaria and Slovenia  

Through the project, coordinated by Development Centre of the Heart of Slovenia, tools will be developed to promote digital creativity of seniors. Young people (aged 18 to 30) will be able to work with seniors (+65 years old) to improve their creativity, express themselves more easily, share their knowledge and communicate with others through digital tools.

The elderly have faced one of the most difficult situations in the last two years. Many of them are still isolated at home or in a retirement home, without devices to communicate with the outside world, while the younger generations are well experienced in creative distance communication with peers, friends and family members. The project will enable a better quality of life for seniors, and adjustments are needed in many areas, such as intergenerational cooperation, volunteering and the use of digital technologies for communication.

Project objectives in all partner countries:

  • To research the situation of isolation of elder citizens in the partner countries and collect examples of good practices of creative and digital activities.
  • To research and collect on intergenerational good practices in the partner countries.
  • To research and collect the digital tools that can be used for creative expression.
  • To create a training and mentoring methodology that is based in intergenerational training to support the creative process of elder citizens in the digital context.
  • To promote the social inclusion and good mental health of elder citizens.
  • To disseminate the project results beyond the partnership.
  • To create new synergies between adult education organisations and youth work organisations to promote intergenerational learning.
  • To promote the use of creativity amongst the elderly.
  • To promote active ageing.
  • To give guidelines for other municipalities and key organisations to implement such a programme at their local, regional or national level.

Part of the “Digital Generations” project will also be the implementation of testing (pilot) of the developed training and mentoring method. Each partner will involve two young people and two people over the age of 65 in their local environment, who will express their creativity through digital tools and share it with others. There will also be two major events for the target group and the general public in each country, where the results of the project will be presented. It will raise awareness of the importance of using digital technologies to communicate with seniors and promote creativity.  

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