Church of St Ana

Parish Tunjice



Raspov prehod 2, 1241 Kamnik


46.231591479432, 14.57784671974


On the ridge above the village of Tunjice, with the spectacular backdrop of the Grintovec Mountains in the Kamnik Mountains, the Baroque beauty, the pilgrimage church of St. Ana, an icon of the Slovenian Baroque, looks far and wide.
The church is dedicated to St Anne, who has been recommended for centuries, especially by girls and wives, with intercessions for fertility and the blessing of families. The pilgrimage route is still very popular today, especially on the feast of St Anne, 26 July.

The original church was Gothic with one bell tower and the walls of an anti-Turkish camp. Over time, the large number of pilgrims made it too small, so it was demolished and replaced by today’s Baroque beauty with two towers and a domed nave. The construction of the church was led and financed by the parish priest of Komenda, Peter Pavel Glavar. The church is modelled on the Cathedral of St. Než in Rome. In addition to craftsmen from Mengeš and Kamnik, more than 100 Prussian prisoners of war took part in the construction. In order to build such a large church, the hill had to be lowered by 3 metres. During the construction, Peter Pavel Glavar placed relics of the holy martyrs Jukundin and Columbanus, brought from Rome, among the corner stones. In 1796, relics of St Peregrine were brought from Rome. From Komenda, 14 girls aged 14 carried the relics. It is interesting to compare that St Peregrine was tortured and killed when she was also 14 years old.

Tunjice has two natural features. The fossils in the sandy lapis rock from the Miocene period are interesting, and the Natural Healing Grove with a spring of living water and energy centres is also special.



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