Who we are?

Who we are?


Mojca Štepic


Mojca Štepic is a graduate economist with 20 years of experience in managing strategic and operational projects in the fields of entrepreneurship, social economy, innovation, content development, organisation and education. As State Secretary in the Prime Minister’s Office, she established and coordinated the Government Project Office and headed the Sector for Social Entrepreneurship, Cooperatives and Economic Democracy within the Ministry of Economic Development and Technology. She has previously worked as a project manager for entrepreneurship and as a development manager at the Heart of Slovenia Development Centre, and spent several years gaining experience in a consultancy firm as a project manager. She is a person with extensive experience of working in different teams and environments and a mediator by natural talents.

Anamarija Fortuna


Anamarija Fortuna, with MA in International Relations, is acquainted with working in various fields and working environments in Slovenia and abroad. Implementation and supervision of development projects were primarily objectives of her work while working at the European Delegation in Turkey. Besides she gained diplomatic skills as a trainee at the Embassy of the Republic of Slovenia in Turkey. She was also active in the local youth organisation for several years, and thus faced the challenges of youth work. She says that her work at the Development Centre of the Heart of Slovenia opened many new possibilities for active participation and engagement in the local community and offered an ongoing process of new knowledge. Working on European projects for business and sustainable tourism development reflect her desire of better conditions for all who are part-of and are shaping-up this wonderful region. With this, daily motivation for work continues. And it is our green nature and many possibilities for outdoor activities that keep her happy and active during her free time.

Anita Molka

Development of entrepreneurship

Anita Molka has a university degree in Sociology – Human Resource Management with working experience in business and project consulting. Her past experiences include managing tender applications for the acquisition of grants from EU funds for companies, organisations and municipalities and drafting business plans and marketing strategies. She is a co-author of the manual “All you need to know about employment”. Anita joined the team of Development Centre of the Heart of Slovenia at the beginning of 2014 and is responsible for entrepreneurship development, content, administrative and financial management of European projects in the field of better quality of life for the elderly and entrepreneurship. She also carries out SPOT registrations for sole traders and limited liability companies. It is also involved in projects promoting active participation and entrepreneurship among young people. She spends her free time very actively, since she is a sportswoman by heart and a mother of two sons. She finds her peace in the mountains.

Mitja Bratun

Development of entrepreneurship

Mitja Bratun has been working in the Development Centre of the Heart of Slovenia since 2005. So far, he has gained knowledge in the field of entrepreneurship, local community development and rural development. He is currently working in the field of rural development and managing Local Action Group The Heart of Slovenia, which presents an opportunity for the project holders from the local environment to obtain funds from the European Union. He is responsible for the implementation of development projects for the municipality of Dol pri Ljubljani and is a qualified SPOT point clerk for companies. Mitja is peaceful, persistent and down to earth. He loves spending time with his family and friends. He also likes hiking, playing football and cycling.

Suzana Medved

Development of entrepreneurship, accounting

Suzana Medved is an organising manager by profession, that is why she takes great pleasure working in the field of entrepreneurship. As a SPOT consultant she implements registrations for independent contractors and companies with limited liability. At “one stop shop” entry points entrepreneurs get all the information they need for entering the world of entrepreneurship. Nowadays it is especially important that services are at hand for entrepreneurs, since they create added value in the environment, spread society’s welfare and create new jobs with their activities. In addition to entrepreneurial consulting, Suzana is responsible for accounting management. She spends her leisure time with her family.

Mija Bokal

Development of environment

Mija Bokal is an ethnologist and cultural anthropologist by profession as well as at heart. She also likes studying and co-creating people’s way of living. Her field of activity in the Development Centre of the Heart of Slovenia is entrepreneurship consultancy and also heritage in all its forms. Mija gladly makes time for people, listens to them and helps them. These qualities are very useful by working at LAG The Heart of Slovenia. On a nice day, she enjoys discovering nature by bicycle or on foot. She is especially keen on working with children and youth. Recenty, she has been juggling between work and family, for three girls eagerly wait for her to come home from work every day.

Tina Vatovec

Development of environment

Tina Vatovec is qualified professional in the field of agriculture. In the Development Centre of the Heart of Slovenia, she is working in the field of rural development. Currently she works on projects within the framework of the local action group Srce Slovenije, primarily through assistance in the preparation and realization of projects. In the past, she has already participated in several European projects in tourism and in the agronomy areas. She has also get some experience in organizing various events. She is aware that the role of the Center’s work, and consequently of her work, is the active participation in improving the quality of life within the local communities in the Heart of Slovenia. Helping others is a goal, which is why she wants to complete all her assigned tasks successfully. Tina likes spending her free time in nature with her family and friends.

Tina Pregel

Development of environment

Tina Pregel joined the Development Centre of the Heart of Slovenia at the end of 2018. After studying Sociology and Comparative Literature and Literary Theory at the Faculty of Arts in Ljubljana, she gained experience in a variety of fields, mainly of logistics, distribution of goods and sales promotion. At the Development Centre, she became an indispensable force of the development of new ideas and innovative approaches on the field and in correlation with European projects. With her innovative ideas she is involved in the implementation of LAG projects and different European projects. With Erasmus + youth projects, she is encouraging the development of tourism, entrepreneurship among youth and strives daily to establish a circular flow of knowledge and traditional skills that can have a long-term positive impact on the personal and professional development of youth. Working at the Development Centre is a great pleasure for her, as her work daily confronts her with new challenges and enables her to develop her competences.

Jasna Presečki

Development of tourism

Jasna Presečki is a graduate in Political Science with a focus on Policy Analysis and Public Administration, and holds a Master’s degree in Economics and Business Studies. She initially gained experience through project work during her studies and as a volunteer in a cultural non-profit organization. In her first job as an assistant to the director at a medical devices company, she acquired a wide range of knowledge, business skills, and competencies. She continued her career as a marketing manager in a start-up company. Today, she enhances all her acquired knowledge as a professional collaborator in the field of tourism at the Development Centre of the Heart of Slovenia, where she is responsible for managing European projects aimed at promoting entrepreneurship and the development of sustainable tourism. As she says, in life, it is important to be curious, to desire to learn something new, and fundamentally, to be driven by the desire to create a better tomorrow for everyone.

Mojca Hauptman

Development of tourism

Mojca Hauptman is a graduate organiser and manager. Since 2006 she has been developing tourism in the Heart of Slovenia, in recent years focusing on the area of Litija. She is an excellent expert in both tourism and rural development, having managed the Jarina Cooperative for nine years. She launched a market with local products in Ivančna Gorica, which is an example of good practice, was a key factor in the establishment of rest areas for campers in the Heart of Slovenia – the project was awarded the title Sejalec finalist 2013, Mojca is also a link between associations that share the common goal of improving the quality of life in the area of the Heart of Slovenia. Today, as a tourism development assistant, she is responsible for the development, organisation and implementation of tourism programmes and, above all, the satisfaction of visitors to the Sitarjevec mine in Litija. Depending on the season, she relaxes with various activities in nature. She also likes to sing.

Nina Mravlje

Development of tourism

Nina Mravlje is a business organiser in tourism. At the Laz Rural Development Association, she became better acquainted with the local environment, organising various events, workshops and trainings. Her professional career continued in the Public Institute for Culture, Youth and Sport Litija. As a field consultant at the Litija Cultural Centre, she independently organised various cultural events (theatre and puppet performances, concerts, exhibitions, main municipal cultural events). She also facilitated some of the events listed above. Today, as a tourism development assistant at the Litija Tourist Information Centre, she is responsible for the development, organisation, promotion and implementation of tourism programmes and, above all, the satisfaction of visitors to the Sitarjevec Litija mine. She loves music and dancing, nature, reading books and personal growth.

Klavdija Vidic

Development of tourism

Klavdija Vidic graduated as a Social Network Organiser and joined the team of the Heart of Slovenia Development Centre at the beginning of 2023. Prior to that, she worked for four years in her own company in the field of marketing and consultancy, where she learned the skills of entrepreneurship and worked with many Slovenian and foreign companies. In recent years, she has gained a wealth of knowledge in various fields by working in various companies, institutions and associations across Slovenia. She works mainly in the field of tourism promotion in Litija and the area of municipalities in the Heart of Slovenia. She helps with various tourism projects and the promotion of the Sitarjevec Mine in Litija. At the Heart of Slovenia Development Centre, she acquires new knowledge and enjoys her work immensely. She prefers to spend her free time with her family in nature or at the seaside.

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