Zdravilni gaj Tunjice

V D, d. o. o.



Tunjice 12, 1241 Kamnik


46.2265802, 14.5754704


The first centre in Slovenia dedicated to self-healing, revitalisation of the body, relaxation and strengthening of the physical and spiritual body.

The natural healing grove is located in the middle of a mixed forest, on a plot of approximately 10,000 square metres, where several energy centres and a spring of Living Water converge at a gentle slope.

The healing centres were discovered in 1998 when the owner of the land, Mr Drago Vrhovnik, was digging in the sand and felt a kind of warmth and tingling sensation in his feet. While digging in the sand, he also came across a spring of water, which he casually anointed himself with, and a long-standing wound on his arm, which had refused to heal for a long time, disappeared completely. This strange phenomenon caught his attention. The many studies and measurements that followed revealed that several energy centres come to the surface, each with a specific healing effect on one or more of the body’s organ systems. This led him to the decision to found the Grove, where today these energies are at the disposal of anyone who is interested in prevention and a strong immune system, as well as for those who have physical and mental problems or who want to improve their health in the most natural way, i.e. by going back to nature, the source of all life.

We welcome both individuals and groups. During this time, visitors visit nine centres. A guide, who leads the group from centre to centre, monitors and directs the course of the stay in the area. He also helps you to relax through the exercises and to open to all the beneficial effects of this wonderful and special place. It is also possible to have an aura scan with us, where we can discover the cause of your problems and advise you.

Please call 041 785 675 to make an appointment.

We also have a private wellness centre where we offer a variety of massage, relaxation and pain relief techniques.

In the Tunjice Spa Grove, under the canopy of a mighty oak tree, there are three glamping cabins where you can spend the night.



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