Anton´s hike

Anton Sapor



Gabrovka 64, 1274 Gabrovka


46.000077683733, 14.98280103084

Anton’s hike takes you through the picturesque landscape of the Dolenjska region and offers a beautiful view of the Dolenjska hills and unspoilt forests and meadows. The walk and all the stops in between (presentations and refreshments) make the whole day more enjoyable, and the route itself is about 10 km long. It is suitable for all ages, including families, as there are no difficult ascents and much of the route is in the shade of the forest.

It starts and ends in Gabrovka in front of the fire brigade and runs along the slope of Moravška Gora, which rises to the north above the village of Gabrovka. Scattered around the mountain are individual homesteads, cottages and cottages. The St. Anton energy centre started to expand from such an old homestead, where a chapel dedicated to St. Anton of Padua was built in 1998. The trail continues towards Vodice and the village of Podpeč pod Skalco, where the Church of St Paul, built in the 14th century, stands, its greatest attraction being the frescoes painted around 1420 and in the last quarter of the 15th century. The trail then leads along the upper reaches of the Mirna stream at Hohovica, where the mill wheels of the Lovšet Mill, built in 1928, are still turning.

The trail continues to Moravče pri Gabrovki, to Resnik’s granary from 1883, which has a typical gable and cellar for that time. In its rooms are exhibits of old tools, food and grain storage equipment, cooking and baking utensils, as well as wine-growing and cellaring equipment.

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