Consortium of kindergartens and schools from the area of the Heart of Slovenia

The Heart of Slovenia Development Centre cooperates with educational institutions through the Heart of Slovenia Consortium of Kindergartens and Schools. The purpose of the Consortium is to:

  • To raise the creative potential of young people,
    strengthening links with the local environment and
    strengthening the role of the individual in the environment and life in the Heart of Slovenia area.
  • The aim of the cooperation is to establish permanent information and to present and raise awareness of the field of local self-sufficiency, entrepreneurship and tourism in the form of counselling, workshops and lectures.

In the entrepreneurial workshops, young people are armed with knowledge and, above all, with concrete and practical experience on how to generate entrepreneurial ideas and turn them into innovations in an effective way.
Local self-sufficiency workshops introduce pupils to different forms of sustainable farming with the possibility of transferring knowledge to the local environment (school garden, atrium, etc.). The importance of locally produced food can also be presented to parents.

The focus in the area of tourism is on learning about local attractions and the possibility of integrating them into science, technology, sports or cultural days for teaching staff, while pupils can learn through workshops about what tourism means for their home area.
The Heart of Slovenia Kindergartens and Schools Consortium was established in 2012, and since then more than 156 workshops and lectures have been held in schools, attended by almost 5,100 young people.

Currently, 12 educational institutions from the Heart of Slovenia formally participate in the Consortium, namely:

8 primary schools:

Primary School Litija (LITIJA)
Primary School Šmartno pri Litiji (ŠMARTNO)
Primary School Gradec (LITIJA)
Gabrovka-Dole Primary School (LITIJA)
Šmartno v Tuhinju Primary School (KAMNIK)
Primary School Stranje (KAMNIK)
Marija Vera Primary School (KAMNIK)
Janko Kersnik Primary School Brdo pri Lukovici (LUKOVICA)

2 secondary schools:

Gymnasium Litija (LITIJA)
Rudolf Maister Kamnik Gymnasium and Secondary School (KAMNIK)

2 kindergartens:

Kindergarten Šmartno pri Litiji (ŠMARTNO)
Kindergarten Litija (LITIJA)


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