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Polšnik 25 B, 1272 Polšnik


46.065831364772, 14.962444908265


The 12 km long route starts at the parish in the centre of Polšnik, from where it follows the road to Preveg, past the plague sign in Sušje. To Ostrež, take the longer path along the foothills to the crossroads for Ravne and then to the top. There is a lookout point with a bench, followed by an 8 m descent to the church of St. Katarine. On the descent, the path leads past a chapel (with a spring of healing water, according to legend).

At Preveg, a signpost directs you to the left, where you follow a macadam and forest path to a grassy plateau and a road, which leads you to Stranski vrh with the Church of St. Lovrenec. From there, follow the road through the village of Stranski vrh (Selo), descend into the valley and, when you reach the stream, turn left to the Cimerman farm, where, just at the top of the road, turn right uphill onto the forest path that leads all the way to Glinjek. At Glinjek, turn right, past a farm with a meadow and a nice view of Kum. At the end of this plateau is a tourist attraction – a wind-powered stove. At Glinjek you can rest in the shade of the trees by the church of St Jurij and continue to the hunting lodge and on to the centre of Polšnik. The trail is not difficult, takes about four hours and is suitable for all ages, good footwear is recommended. All the churches have a history on the signboards. Along the way, you can see old goats’ huts, fruit drying sheds, a chamois at Ostrež, and everywhere you can be greeted by deer or rabbits, and in the evening by martens, weasels, foxes, etc.

The view along the trail reaches as far as Triglav and the Zasavje hills (Kum, Čemšeniška planina, Partizanski vrh …).

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