Humar trail

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Sevno 44, 1276 Primskovo


45.97974200597, 14.923931462614

Humar trail was named after Jurij Humar, a parish priest in Primskovo who healed with magnetism. The starting point is at the Žonta Café in Stranjah pri Velikem Gabru. The 12 km long circular route passes through three municipalities, Šmartno pri Litija, Trebnje and Ivančna Gorica. The route is signposted at key points with Humar’s trail signs. The boards are wooden with an engraved silhouette of Primskova Gora, and the trail also overlaps with the Žefranova trail. The trail leads through Šentjurje and Bratnice to the hamlet of Menguš, where an old (non-working) mill stands on the right-hand side. Here begins the climb to the top of the 594 m high Primskova Gora. When the hiker reaches the concentrated settlement, 14 chapels of the Stations of the Cross accompany him all the way to the top.

The top of Primskova Gora is the remains of what is believed to be a triple wall from the time of the Turkish invasions, within which stand three churches: St Marija’s Church, St Miklavž’s Church and the oldest church, St Peter’s Church. Also worth mentioning is the grave of Jurij Humar with a tombstone on the wall of St Marija’s Church. One of the oldest lindens in Slovenia has stood next to St Marija’s Church for around 600 years. From the top, the trail leads back through Gradišče, past Kopačije, through Sevno and Gornji Vrh to Dolnji Vrh, where the Church of St Janeza Krstnika is located, and then some way down towards Žubina and Stranje, the starting point of the walk along the Humar trail.

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