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The Levstik Trail was created in 1987, when 397 travellers from all over Slovenia set off on the first 22-kilometre hike. The starting point of the Levstik Trail is Levstikova ulica in the old town centre of Litija, and on the second Saturday in November, the annual mass journey also takes place at the cultural centre in Šmartno pri Litija. It is a project involving elements of sport, culture, ethnology, landscape and environmental protection and, as the culmination of the annual activities, it is a traditional international journey along the Levstik Trail from Litija to Čatež. Among the major projects carried out is the equipping of all 33 km of the Levstik Trail with marking and orientation signs, and a special feature of the project is the installation of 80 signs between Litija and Čatež, on which it is possible to read the complete original travelogue of Levstik through passages along the trail.

The main purpose of the tourist signposting and warning system is to guide, direct and raise awareness among excursionists, travellers and hikers. A number of signs draw attention to nature conservation, some of them with the message ‘The richness and beauty of our nature has been preserved by local people for centuries, so please be respectful to it and to us’. This is complemented by the planting of old fruit trees along the Levstik Trail. The Levstik Trail is also synonymous with the Slovenian language. After all, it is in the context of Levstik’s travelogue that the mid-19th century Slovenian literary programme of the time is symbolically set in Bajč’s cottage at Gobnik.

Information: Levstik Trail Institute, info@levstik.si.



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