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Sitarjevška cesta 46, 1270 Litija


46.0498537, 14.8296475

Litija is one of the oldest mining towns in Slovenia, with knowledge of ore mining in the area dating back four thousand years. Later, mining was carried out by the Celts and Romans, and written sources mention the Sitarjevec mine as early as the 16th century. The Sitarjevec mine is one of the larger and very rich ore deposits in Slovenia. It was mined for lead and mercury ore, and also for zinc, copper, iron and barite ore. It is also rich in minerals, with more than 60 types of minerals found.

In 1965, the Sitarjevec mine was closed and the entrance mined. The mine was re-entered in 2002 and unique limonite stalactites were discovered, which can grow up to 5 centimetres in a year. It became clear that this was a major natural attraction for the town of Litija and the wider area, so it was decided to make part of the mine a tourist attraction.

Before entering the mine, visitors are given the appropriate equipment and then accompanied by a guide, they walk through the export tunnel. You will learn about the way mining was done when the mine was open, and we will also tell you some mining anecdotes that we have heard from the surviving miners. The mine offers rock exhibits, a mining cart, some mining tools, a reconstructed track, an exhibition on the living bat in the Sitarjevec Mine, a panel with a reproduction of a palaeoenvironment from the Posavje folds, exhibits of dyed fabrics with water from the mine, and an exhibition of hematite jewellery. A short film is screened in the mine hall. On request, we will serve you a real mining “Sitarjevško mal’co”, prepared in a modern way.




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