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Snovik 7, 1219 Laze v Tuhinju


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Terme Snovik is the highest thermal spa in Slovenia, surrounded on one side by the Kamnik-Savinja Alps and on the other by the beautiful forests and unspoilt nature of the Tuhinjska Valley, just 9 km from Kamnik and 32 km from the Slovenian capital Ljubljana. Their greatest wealth is the healing thermal water, discovered long ago by the local people. They often went to the freely flowing water at the farm “Pri Kovaču” and took it home to drink and wash. The thermal water contains calcium and magnesium and many other beneficial minerals.

In its operations, Terme Snovik pays great attention to the environment in which it operates and actively participates in shaping it. Since its inception, Snovik Spa has pursued a vision of energy-efficient and environmentally friendly spas. In 2005, it embarked on a path guided by sustainability and responsible behaviour towards natural resources, encouraging guests to act responsibly too.

The excellent accommodation is provided by the spacious apartments in a 4* apartment village on the edge of the forest, which extends over the thermal complex and is built from natural materials, allowing a relaxed and comfortable stay with soothing views of the green valley and the surrounding mountains.

The thermal pool complex consists of an indoor and an outdoor pool with a natural grassy beach. The indoor pool has a water temperature of 32 °C and the whirlpool 36 °C. The outdoor pool with slides, with water temperatures ranging from 26 °C to 28 °C, is an adventure paradise for children and adults in the summer months.

Guests can enjoy a range of wellness services and body treatments. We recommend various types of massages, Finnish, Turkish and ice saunas, facial and body treatments, pain-relieving physiotherapy and Kneipp packs, wraps and massages.

Terme Snovik is also the only Kneipp centre in Slovenia, and you will have the opportunity to get to know it during your stay through the five pillars established by Sebastian Kneipp, a German priest and water and phyto therapist. Water, herbs, exercise, nutrition and a healthy lifestyle are all necessary to keep your body and mind healthy. Having cured his own tuberculosis at a young age by bathing in the cold Danube, he decided to dedicate his life to healing people with natural elements. Kneipp’s philosophy of life is simple and suitable for everyone. You simply have to try Kneipp’s barefoot experience on the Best Themed Trail of 2018. The experience includes: an introduction to Kneipp’s philosophy, a natural reflexology massage, a test of Kneipp’s hydrotherapies, a delicious Kneipp surprise, guided relaxation, a test of all five senses (smell, sight, hearing, touch and taste). The barefoot trail is equipped with twelve exercise elements. The trail runs through meadow, sand, forest and other natural materials. The small muscles of the foot will be strengthened on the softness of grass, bark, soil, sand, even water stones. Other Kneipp therapies such as the stork walk and hand bath can also be practised in the natural environment along the way. Together, discover the beneficial effects of herbs in your own herb garden. A tasty snack of exclusively local delicacies awaits you on the way.

The Potočka restaurant serves meals for pension guests and day visitors. They offer a varied selection of classic, local dishes from the Tuhinj Valley and seasonal dishes. The speciality is certainly the Tuhinj trout, which is farmed in the Nevljica River and can be enjoyed prepared in various ways. Seasonal dishes are often prepared using vegetables grown in their own vegetable garden, some of which are also offered to guests who cook for themselves in their apartments.

The spa has also become an excellent destination away from the hustle and bustle of the city for organising a wide range of events (weddings, picnics, business meetings, celebrations) and for developing green congress tourism on the outskirts of Ljubljana. This is made possible by the modern halls, the newest multi-purpose room Tuhinjka, two seminar rooms Bor and Hrast, and a multi-purpose event tent located right next to the Terme.

The picturesque, green and hilly surroundings of Terme Snovik are sure to entice you to enjoy the fresh air in the nearby surroundings during your break. The surrounding hills are suitable for hikers and cyclists, who will be delighted by the beauty of unspoilt nature. Throughout the year, there is an attractive animation programme for children and adults, including water gymnastics, Kneipp compresses, guided hikes in the surrounding area, a visit to a farm with wine tasting, a guided tour of the Bosonoga trail and night torchlight hikes to the thermal water spring).

Snovik is also an excellent starting point for visiting Velika Planina, the Volčji Potok Arboretum, the source of Kamnik Bistrica, Menina Planina, the town centre of Kamnik, Stari Grad, St. Nicholas, the Tunjice Healing Grove.

Indulge yourself in the thermal delights, invited to the eco-world of thermal pleasures, alone or in company. Just half an hour from Ljubljana, Kranj or Celje.




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