A double transition (environmental and digital) for greater resilience in tourism using the experience economy

Project duration: 16. 09. 2023 – 16. 09. 2026

Programme: COSME (Single Market Programme)

Lead partner: Údarás na Gaeltachta, Ireland

Partner countries: Ireland, Portugal, Spain, Denmark and Slovenia

In recent years, the concept of the ‘double gateway’ in tourism has gained prominence as the global tourism industry faces significant challenges. The concept addresses:

  • An environmental transition that includes elements of sustainability, climate change mitigation and resilience building (reducing carbon footprint, conserving natural resources and protecting fragile ecosystems through the use of renewable energy, responsible waste management, environmentally friendly infrastructure, use of energy-efficient technologies, biodiversity conservation and preparation of contingency plans),
  • Digital transition, including the introduction of technologies to improve the tourist experience (booking platforms, mobile apps for navigation and information, and the use of artificial intelligence and data analytics to personalise services), digital marketing to reach a wider target audience and increase customer engagement, and deep data-driven understanding to gain insights into tourist behaviour, preferences and trends, and to adapt marketing strategies as a result.

The tourism double gateway recognises the need to balance economic growth and profitability with environmental preservation and digital progress. Sustainable and responsible tourism practices, combined with innovation in technology, can help ensure that the tourism industry continues to thrive while reducing its negative impact on the environment and society.

The project will, among other things, launch 2 calls for tourism SMEs and support 70 innovative tourism projects. Of these, 11 are in Slovenia: 5 individual projects addressing cultural heritage elements for €25,000/project, 3 projects bringing together two companies to address carbon footprint reduction for €30,000/project and 3 projects upgrading digital services. All companies will also receive a minimum of 30 hours of expert mentoring.

The partnership is made up of 6 partners from 5 European countries.


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