Sustainable Tourism Innovation Through Hybrid Project Management

Project duration: 01. 07. 2022 – 31. 06. 2025

Programme: Erasmus+ (Partnerships for Innovation: Alliances)

Lead partner: Sustainable City Network (Greece)

Partner countries: Greece, Croatia, Italy, Hungary and Slovenia

The tourism sector is undergoing profound changes throughout Europe, as we are living in the Project, Digital, Creative, Entrepreneurial and Green Economy era, thus applying a holistic approach to sustainable tourism development is crucial.

HyPro4ST alliance seeks to bring positive social and sustainable impact to tourism sector and is built around the idea that collaborative, transnational activities offer opportunities for boosting innovation and progress by pooling resources and the deep knowledge of markets required in a fast-changing world. It aims to develop a new job “Sustainable and Hybrid Project Manager” profile for the Sustainable Tourism Sector, upskill professionals in sustainable, hybrid, digital, creative and entrepreneurship project management, helping alleviate the job losses, inequalities, and other risks, and to build a talent pipeline that tourism sector can mine for future growth. It also proposes the upscaling of VET and higher education trainers’ skills, to be able to adapt to the tourism labour market needs.

HyPro4ST will develop:

  • a joint training programme, HyPro4ST VOOC, in accordance with the ECVET/EQF/EQAVET and Micro-credential approach,
  • the HyPro4ST Practical Guide for trainers,
  • a certification scheme for the new profile and
  • the HyPro4ST Virtual Learning Hub.

Through 6 Seminars, 6 online courses, 2 work-based learning activities and the transnational mobility, we will enhance the competences of 700 professionals, tackling skills mismatches and supporting the formation of an effective higher and vocational education system for the sustainable tourism sector. This multi-stakeholder partnership, comprising of 17 partners from 6 European countries, develops all the outputs in 7 EU languages, ensuring their cross-border transferability. Furthermore, it assures the long-lasting effect of the project results by elaborating Policy Recommendations, able to inform the policy agendas at national and EU level.



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