G1: Behind nine mountains



Glavni trg 1, 1241 Kamnik


46.225729366406, 14.611939075741

Route: Kamnik–Stahovica–dolina Kamniške Bistrice–dolina Korošice–dolina Kamniške Bistrice–Stahovica–Kamnik

Route elevation profile:

Route length 37,3 km | Estimated time without stops 3 hours | Total ascent 740 m | Difficult level very hard | Road type and quality sphalt, macadam with steep ascents and descents

The starting point is at the square Glavni trg in Kamnik. In the first part of the route, cycle along the main road towards the valley of the Kamniška Bistrica, turning left at the lower gondola station and crossing the Kamniška Bistrica River. Continue through the valley of the Korošica, turn left uphill twice, the route taking you below the northern slope of the hill Kamniški vrh. The trail further takes you on a steep climb until reaching 1,000 m of altitude. Turn right downhill, cross the stream and descend back towards the valley of the Kamniška Bistrica. Stay left until reaching the hunting hut, then turn left uphill through the valley of the Kamniška Bistrica. Cycle through the gorge Predaselj and join onto the road leading you to the Kamniška Bistrica Hut. From Godič on, follow the less busy road on the left bank alongside the Kamniška Bistrica and past the monastery in Mekinje.


Kamnik was a prosperous merchant town in the Middle Ages, having its own mint. Many famous aristocratic families lived there. Today, marvellous architecture and sacral heritage as well as numerous legends remind us of those glorious days. One of them is a legend of a bewitched countess Veronika – half girl, half snake – the protector of the hidden treasure.

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