G6: Cycling with Saint Martin



Sv. Martin, Šmartno pri litiji


46.043919183612, 14.842537010597

Route: Šmartno pri Litiji–Osredek nad Stično–Pristava–Šentvid pri Stični– Velike Češnjice–Sobrače–Primskova gora

Route elevation profile:

Route length 31,5 km | Estimated time without stops 2,5 hours | Total ascent 1.070 m | Difficult level hard | Road type and quality macadam, forest trail asphalt

The starting point is in Šmartno pri Litiji on the regional road which takes you towards Bogenšperk. At the bus turning point by the school, turn sharply right into a new settlement. The route takes you above the settlement where the asphalt ends. Do not join the macadam road but turn left along the trail taking you across the meadow and onto the cart track which runs to Sv. Večer. Then descend along the asphalt road taking you towards the South and on to a remote farm. The cart track takes you along the ridge descending to the asphalt road. Cycle towards the South and to Ravni Osredek, where macadam starts – first steep, then gently sloping. The route joins onto the road Debeče-Osredek. Turn left downhill towards Debeče and, at the crossroads, right downhill into the valley of the stream Bukovica. The route takes you to the pass, turning left at the crossroads and towards the hunting cabin. Follow the cart track which takes you to Pristava nad Stično, then follow the grassy cart track to Dobrava pri Stični. Turn left onto a grassy cart track again which takes you to the asphalt road circling Gradišče. Shortly after the turning, turn left and cycle along the cart track to the village Pristavlja vas. Continue along the road to Šentvid pri Stični and on to Male Češnjice and Velike Češnjice. Join onto the macadam road shortly after Predulce and cycle past Mali Kal to Bukovica. Stay right at the Kajar Farm and continue along the meadow’s edge. The cart track takes you to the pass, heading uphill towards the North, then right to Sobrače. In Sobrače, turn right onto the main road, turn left at the first junction and go through the valley of the stream Ješko. At the crossroads, turn right towards Mišji Dol, then turn right once again and climb to the top of the hill Primskova gora.


Šmartno pri Litija is a town located at an important crossroads of roads connecting Dolenjska, Zasavje and Ljubljana. Valvazor mentions that there were many craftsmen, especially leatherworkers, furriers, blacksmiths and furriers. In the middle of the square, St Martin’s Church, a neo-Gothic cathedral from 1901, rises into the sky.

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