G10: Cycling through heaven



Sv. Rupert, Šentrupert


45.9771475, 15.090637

Route: Šentrupert–Brinje–Draga–Dole pri Litiji–Dobovica–Kostanjevica–Hom (Nebesa)–Hrastno–Kamnje–Šentrupert

Route elevation profile:

Route length 36,6 km | Estimated time without stops 3 hours | Total ascent 810 m | Difficult level hard | Road type and quality macadam, asphalt

The route runs from the square in Šentrupert along the main road towards the village Slovenska vas and on to the hill Vesela gora, past the Barbo Manor and the Church of St. Francis Xavier to Škrljevo. One of the oldest castles in Slovenia is situated here. On crossing the small bridge in the village, turn left, then continue through the village and uphill to the forest clearing. Amongst meadows, turn right at the first crossroads, coming to the village Draga. Turn left onto the main road and, after a few metres, turn right in the middle of the village. Descend to the stream Bistrica, turning left at the fishery. Continue along the macadam road, which turns into asphalt after about 3 km and then steeply uphill, climbing all the way to Dole pri Litiji. Turn right at the church and climb to the crossroads where you will turn sharply right towards the village Kal pri Dolah. Continue along the main road past the villages Dobavica and Radgonica to Prelesje, where you will turn left onto the macadam road, slightly descending. At the next junction, turn left and cycle past the village Ježevec and through the forest. After descending along the macadam road, you will reach the junction where you will turn right and pass the abandoned quarry in Kostanjevica. Descend into the valley, where you will turn left onto the asphalt road and cycle uphill (18% grade). On reaching the top, turn left towards Nebesa (direction Viher). At the top of the hill, turn right (sign Nebesa Farm) onto the macadam road and continue to the clearing Nebesa (= heaven). Return along the asphalt road. On descending to the pasture, turn left where the road turns into macadam for a short while. After a slight climb, turn right onto the asphalt road towards Hrastno and then head into the valley, turning right at the small stream. At the top of the burial mound, turn right into the village Kamnje, then descend to the starting point in Šentrupert.


St. Rupert’s Church rises mightily from the market-town centre in Šentrupert and greets the visitors. The missionaries from Aquileia presumably built the chapel on this spot in the year 796, which was a predecessor to this church. The Counts of Celje started building the current church at the end of the 14th century. Its construction took hundred years. It is considered as one of Slovenia’s most beautiful Gothic churches. The history of this church is closely linked to the princess Hema Krška.

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