G3: Following the trail of the Snail of Višnja Gora



Staretov trg 10, 1275 Šmartno pri Litiji


46.043919183612, 14.842537010597

Route: Kamnik–Stahovica–dolina Kamniške Bistrice–dolina Korošice–dolina Kamniške Bistrice–Stahovica–Kamnik

Route elevation profile:

Route length 35,5 km | Estimated time without stops 3 hours | Total ascent 1,120 m | Difficult level hard | Road type and quality macadam, asphalt, forest trail

The starting point is in Šmartno pri Litiji. Follow the road taking you through the valley of the stream Reka and via Zavrstnik and Štangarske Poljane to a steep climb up, at the beginning of which you will turn left and cycle to the settlement Reka. Turn sharply right and climb up towards Veliko Trebeljevo. Turn left in the village and climb up to the crossroads where you can turn right to Mali Vrh with a beautiful panoramic spot or head straight onto the macadam road taking you to Leskovec. On the macadam road, turn sharply left downhill, following the cart track towards Obolno. Shortly before reaching Obolno, the cart track turns left towards the Gregorc Farm but you will follow the right less-well-preserved cart track which will take you to the top of the hill Obolno. A small trail takes you to the South across the meadow and onto the cart track, then onto the road which will bring you to Poljane pri Stični. Descend along the cart track into the valley of the stream Stiški potok and cycle uphill alongside the stream. The road takes you to Leskovec via a very steep climb. Leaving Leskovec, you will cycle along the asphalt road downhill through Mlake to Vrh pri Višnji Gori. Descend along the grassy cart track into Višnja Gora. Leaving the old town centre of Višnja Gora, you will turn left onto a steep hiking trail towards the old castle. The Forest Learning Trail takes you to Pristava pri Višnji Gori. Continue along the asphalt road on the plateau towards Zavrtače. The cart track will take you past the hotel to the top of the plateau Polževo and to the Church of the Holy Spirit (630 m). To prolong the trip, follow the signs of the Jurčič Trail towards Muljava or the cycling route G5.


There was always a lot of happening in Višnja Gora as it was situated by the ancient Roman road. Its symbol is a snail chained by a chain of gold. Legend has it that the son of the Venetian doge was injured in the Battle of Sisak. A daughter of the earl of Višnja Gora found him badly hurt and nursed him until he recuperated. To express gratitude, the knight’s mother – the queen of the Republic of Venice, bestowed a golden snail shell adorned with diamants, which has unfortunately been lost.

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