G5: At a snail´s pace to the hill Primskova gora



45.924712141911, 14.755434103929

Route: Polževo–Znojile–Hrastov Dol–Dob–Cesta–Blatnice–Dolnji Vrh–Primskova gora

Route elevation profile:

Route length 33,1 km | Estimated time without stops 2,5 hours | Total ascent 610 m | Difficult level medium | Road type and quality macadam, forest trail, asphalt

You can choose this route as a continuation of the route M3 as it starts on the hill Polževo. The starting point is in front of the Polževo Hotel. Climb up the ski slope to the Church of the Holy Spirit at the top and follow blazes towards Muljava. Field and forest trails will take you to the village Velike Vrhe, turning right at the shrine and staying right at the end of the village. Join the macadam road taking you to the forest where you will turn left downhill onto the forest trail. The route turns more steeply downhill, then branches right and joins onto the firm macadam road which takes you past the clearing on the right side to the village Znojile. Turn right along the asphalt road towards Krka. On leaving the village Znojile, turn left by the remote house towards the village Krška vas, cross the regional road and cycle through the village uphill towards the forest. The macadam road in the forest will take you to the village Sušica – on reaching the church, head uphill towards the village. Then join onto the field trail and, after a short climb, onto the forest trail. Stay left in the forest, following the trail to the southern edge of the settlement Lučarjev Kal. Cycle along the local road to the end of Hrastov Dol, then turn right before the forest and cycle along the macadam road taking you to the ridge. Turn right and cycle into the village Sad. At the end of the village, the field trail branches left, turning right shortly after. In the forest, cycle along the surfaced road, turn left and slowly descend towards Podboršt. On leaving Podboršt, cycle above the highway and turn right at the crossroads by the football field. Continue straight on to the village Cesta. Cycle along the macadam road, then head uphill along the field trail. On leaving the village, turn right to the village Blatnica, following the macadam road and turning right at the first bridge. Continue past the farm and go uphill along the forest trail, turning sharply left towards Sevno. The route turns more steeply uphill along the Way of the Cross and takes you to the Church of St. Nicholas on the hill Primskova gora.


The village Gradišče, which is a popular panoramic and hiking spot, is situated in the southern hilly part of the range Posavsko hribovje. Back in the days, this area used to be known for the conical hill Primskova gora with the renowned Way of God with three temples and numerous vineyards. There are remains of one of the mightiest defensive camps in the Slovenian territory from the 15th century at the top of the hill Primskova gora. The priest Jurij Humar, »the miracle man from Primskovo«, a homeopath, who was known as a folk doctor, dowser, bio energy healer and telepathist, used to work here.

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