T1: In the Land of Jurij Vega

T1: In the Land of Jurij Vega



Dolsko 57, 1262 Dol pri Ljubljani


46.094847342549, 14.676240896808

Route: Dolsko–Dol pri Ljubljani–Beričevo–Pšata–Ihan–Zaboršt–Zajelše–Petelinje–Kamnica–(Zagorica–Senožeti–Jevnica–Laze)–Dolsko

Route elevation profile:

Route length 37,6 km | Estimated time without stops 2,5 h | Total ascent 470 m | Difficult level family section is easy, ascent to Zagorica is challenging | Road type and quality Asphalt

The starting point is the Vegov hram Inn with accommodation – the cycling point of the Heart of Slovenia, where you can rent bikes and all the cycling equipment or hire a cycling guide. The route takes you towards the West through the valley whose historical name was Lusttal, meaning ‘the valley of joy and deliciousness’. Along the way, take a look at manor pavilions and the manor in Dol pri Ljubljani. The route continues past the provincial villages with interesting names all the way to Beričevo, which is known for its long greengrocer tradition. Turn right after the Agricultural House towards Pšata and go through the underpass below the main road Ljubljana-Litija. Continue past the transformer station, through the village Pšata, cross the bridge at the Janežič Inn and turn right towards Mala Loka. After about 1km, turn right in the middle of the field into Mala Loka and continue straight ahead before reaching the end (about 2km), then turn right towards Ihan. On arriving to Ihan, turn right onto the main road. You have two options regarding the continuation of the route. After having cycled for 200 m along the main road, turn left, go past the football field and turn right towards Brdo. After a 1-km-long ascent, descend to the starting point in Dolsko via the village Vinje. An easier flat road takes you straight ahead along the main road through Selo and the plain amidst the fields. Shortly before the road you are on joins onto the main road Ljubljana-Litija, turn left at the RotoPrint Company. Cycle alongside the River Mlinščica through the village Zaboršt and on towards Podgora, Petelinje and Kamnica. You can finish your journey here and return to Dolsko or you can decide for a challenging ascent to Zagorica. The route will take you past the Vega Homestead and the Church of the Holy Cross into Križevska vas and Velika vas. Then the route descends towards Senožeti, continues towards the main road Ljubljana-Litija and through the roundabout towards Jevnica, crossing the wooden bridge. In Jevnica, turn right towards Laze. The wonderful cycle ride will take you alongside the refreshing River Sava. At the end of Laze, turn right onto the bridge across the River Sava and the River Mlinščica towards Dolsko. Turn right at the first crossroads and cycle along the small village road that ends in front of the Vegov hram Inn.


Jurij Vega

The Land of Jurij Vega bears its name after the renowned mathematician baron Jurij Vega, who was born in 1754 at the Vehovec Homestead in the village Zagorica. This prominent Slovene, whose name is well-known all over the world, was a shepherd, baron, soldier,
colonel, mathematics teacher as well as a scientist. He spent his youth in the village above the River Sava.

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