T11: Seeing the plain Mengeško polje from a bicycle seat



Slovenska cesta 32, 1234 Mengeš


46.165462228777, 14.571187158533

Route: Mengeš–Mengeška koča–Dobeno–Jablje–Mengeško polje–Mengeš

Route elevation profile:

Route length 17,6 km | Estimated time without stops 1 h | Total ascent  320 m | Difficulty level: easy, medium – sections to Dobeno and the Mengeš Hut | Road type and quality: asphalt

The starting point is at the parking place next to the Mengeš Cultural Centre. The route takes you through the sports park, past the Harmony Sports Centre, and via Pristava and Mali Mengeš to the pond of Cegvan. The route continues past the hunting cabin and along the road to Loka. You have two options at the intersection Na Gmajni. The trail to the hill Dobeno (549 m) branches off and leads you towards the range of Dobeno and Rašica. The route passes the Ručigaj Well, where you can stop and refill your water bottles, and on to the popular hiking spot on the hill Dobeno. You can return to Loka along the same route. If you opt for another route, go past the Church of St. Primus and Felician all the way to Jablje Castle. In order to return, cycle along the road to the village Loka, cross the main road Mengeš-Trzin and follow the field trails to the avenue Lipica. Then cycle towards Mengeš and on to the starting point. Fit cyclists can climb to the Mengeš Hut on the hill Gobavica (435 m) from here.


Jablje Castle is situated in the western outskirts of the alp Mengeško polje in Loka pri Mengšu. The original castle was first recorded in the 14th century, while the current structure was built by the noble house of Lamberg in the 16th century. The castle is restored now; however, all the wealthy and prestigious baroque furniture is gone – only a few frescos are preserved. The castle is complemented by two barns, a partially preserved park, stone bridges, a church and villa rustica.

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