T12: Following the trail of ancient Romans above the valley of Krka



Sokolska ulica, 1295 Ivančna Gorica


45.938644492304, 14.805947896456

Route: Ivančna Gorica–Mrzlo Polje–Kompolje–Valična vas–Žužemberk–Sadinja vas–Dvor

Route elevation profile:

Prerez poti

Route length 24,7 km | Estimated time without stops 1,5 h | Total ascent  190 m | Difficult level easy | Road type and quality Asphalt, macadam

The starting point is in the centre of Ivančna Gorica. The ride takes you along the road Cesta 2. grupe odredov via the railway line to the roundabout where you will turn left towards St. Joseph’s Church. Then follow the information signs leading you via the highway overpass to the villages Mrzlo Polje and Škrjanče and on to the regional road Ivančna Gorica-Muljava. Continue to the village Gorenja vas and towards Bojanji Vrh, where you will find the most wellpreserved
ancient Roman road. Shortly after Velike Kompolje and Male Kompolje at the crossroads of the local road towards the village Sušica, join the forest trail and cycle along the partially preserved ancient Roman road to Kobiljek pod Kitnim Vrhom where a Roman posting station once stood. The route then passes Tolčane and a somewhat long climb up the asphalt road brings you to the village Valična vas. Cycle past the church and after a short downhill grade, climb up once again below the village Vrh pri Križu before going downhill along the asphalt road to Vrhovo, where you will join the cart track. Continue along the forest trail to Zgornje Cviblje, through the village Zafara, and on to Trebča vas. Cycle for another 3 km before reaching your destination. The route will take you through the village Sadinja vas and downhill to the restored blast-furnace of the former industrial plant in Dvor ob Krki. Head back along the same route.


The Roman road running from Ivančna Gorica through Žužemberk and Dvor towards Črnomelj used to be the main connection in Venetian times in this part of Slovenia. Later the imperial road took place here. The road was used until 1859 when the new road was built through the valley of Krka. There are numerous natural as well as cultural sights along the Roman road. One of them is the Naral Cross in the vicinity of the village Trebče. Remains of the Roman road can be seen near St. Margaret’s Church above the village Vrh pri Križih and in Zafara pri Žužemberku.

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