T9: Tastes of the range Posavsko hribovje



Valvazorjev trg, Litija


46.056155048972, 14.829949063359

Route: Litija–Šmartno pri Litiji–Cerovica–Velika Preska–Polšnik–Mamolj–Breg pri Litiji–Litija

Route elevation profile:

Route length 38 km | Estimated time without stops 3 h | Total ascent  890 m | Difficult level hard | Road type and quality Asphalt, macadam

This beautiful yet very challenging route starts in the centre of Litija. It takes you through the old town centre on a short climb, bringing you to Šmartno pri Litiji. At the Church of St. Martin, stay left while continuing through the low pass and quarry into the valley Jablaniška dolina. The main road then takes you all the way to the Pustov mlin Inn. The steep 6-km-long climb will bring you to Velika Preska. After about 1 km of descending, turn left towards Polšnik. In Polšnik, turn back and on reaching the highest part of the road, turn right towards Mamolj. The route then takes you through the plateau, offering a spectacular view over the mountain Triglav. Head downhill through the hill Gradišče to the valley Jablaniška dolina and turn right in Gradiške Laze. Cycle for about 1 km through the valley and turn right, continuing through the villages Tenetiše and Breg, where you can try home-made cheese at the Paternoster Homestead or take a look at the collection of the River Sava gravel-stones. Return along the byway towards the starting point in Litija.


Vas Polšnik

Polšnik is a village in the range Posavsko hribovje. It is situated amongst the hills with churches which are linked into a well-marked hiking trail. In the vicinity, there is the village Velika Preska, having the only wooden pavement in Slovenia. You will find friendly people here as well as an overwhelming landscape which always leaves a remarkable impression on its visitors. In 2012, Polšnik was given a European award for the countryside development for all its endeavours.

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