T3: Going to Tunjice to get healthy, to the Gobovica hill for the view



Glavni trg 2, Kamnik


46.2255962, 14.6117809

Route: Kamnik–Tunjice–Moste pri Komendi–Mengeš–Mengeška koča–grad Jablje–Domžale–po poti ob Kamniški Bistrici do Kamnika–Kamnik

Route elevation profile:

Route length 37,2 km | Estimated time without stops 2,5 h | Total ascent  290 m | Difficult level easy | Road type and quality Asphalt

The start point is in front of the TIC in the old town centre of Kamnik. Cycle towards Kamniška Bistrica and, after 500 km, turn left towards the village Tunjice. The route will take you towards Komenda and past the hippodrome to the main road Mengeš-Kranj. Instead of
joining the main road, turn left towards Kamnik. After 300 m, turn right into a bystreet and cross the main road Mengeš-Kranj at the gas station and the schoolyard. Continue along the byway all the way to Mengeš. On reaching Mengeš, join onto the cycling path by the main road, then stay right while passing the football field and heading towards Trzin. Fit cyclists can try out the short but very steep ascent to the Mengeš Hut. Leaving Mengeš, you will go past the Jablje Castle to Trzin where you will turn left and cycle alongside the main road Ljubljana-Trzin-Domžale to Domžale. Stay right by the gas station in Domžale, cycle through the centre and railway line, past the swimming pool and turn left shortly after the football stadium. Join onto the macadam cycling trail and continue alongside the Kamniška Bistrica River, thus heading back to the starting point.


Bizgec of Mengeš is a simple dish consisting of sauerkraut, sour turnip, barley porridge or pot barley and meat. This dish was popular in the 19th century, then it disappeared. According to the records of the writer and ethnologist Janez Trdina, who spent his youth in Mengeš, the dish was brought back to life. Today it is served in the Mengeš Hut and the Trdinov hram Inn.

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