T8: Through the winegrowing country towards the monastery



Bogenšperk 5, 1275 Šmartno pri Litiji


46.0236791, 14.8574819

Route: Bogenšperk–Vinji vrh–Žubina–Šentvid pri Stični– Stična–Metnaj–Debeče–Javorje–Bogenšperk
More demanding variant: Stična–Lavričeva koča na Gradišču–Pristava nad Stično–Metnaj–Obolno–Bogenšperk

Route elevation profile:


Route length 41,8 km | Estimated time without stops 3 h | Total ascent  880 m | Difficult level hard | Road type and quality Asphalt, macadam

The route which is intended for fit trekking enthusiasts starts at Bogenšperk Castle near Šmartno pri Litiji. Cycle towards Ivančna Gorica and, after the pass, turn left towards Vinji Vrh. Follow the macadam road but do not turn left into the valley, instead stay right and continue uphill. Cycle 5 km before reaching Vinji Vrh, where you have two options. The first route takes you through the valley of the stream Mišji potok to Breg pri Velikem Gabru, then turns right towards Stična. If taking the second route, stay left on the main road from Vinji Vrh on and cycle to Žubina and then to Stranje where you will turn right towards Radohova vas. On reaching Radohova vas, join onto the regional road for a short while, turning right in Pristavlja vas and continuing towards Stična and the Cistercian Monastery. The monks still reside there. Leaving Stična, you will continue cycling towards the North. On your way to Metnaj, you can turn right towards the Lavrič Hut on the hill Gradišče or you can climb to Pristava nad Stično. Both options offer a stunning panorama over the surrounding hills and valleys. Fitter cyclists can go to Metnaj and from then on follow the signs for Obolno. After about 2 km, turn right downhill on the asphalt road, then head uphill and turn right onto the macadam road to Debeče. The route takes you past Javorje, cycling straight on until you join onto the main road Šmartno-Ivančna Gorica, where you will turn left and head back to the starting point.



Samostan Stična

In the second half of the 17th century, the eminent polymath Janez Vajkard Valvasor, who was also a member of the Royal Society of London, lived in Bogenšperk Castle. A genuine European by education and a Carniolan by nationality, he is one of the most memorable men who lived and worked in the Slovenian territory and earned high regard at a European level.

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