T10: Trip to the Charcoal Land



Šentrupert 91, 3271 Šentrupert


45.97660363755, 15.089542049375

Route: Šentrupert–Smolaj–Dole pri Litiji–Brezovo–Gabrovka–Moravče pri Gabrovki–Gornje Ravne–Mirna–Šentrupert

Route elevation profile:

Route length 43,9 km | Estimated time without stops 3 h | Total ascent  700 m | Difficult level hard | Road type and quality Asphalt, macadam

The route starts at the square in Šentrupert, following the road towards the North and the village Draga. At the crossroads, turn left and cycle towards the valley of the River Bistrica to the Charcoal Land, stretching around Dole pri Litiji. This area offers intact nature and exceptional landscape. On reaching Dole pri Litiji, cycle downhill for about 1 km, then uphill to Brezovo, which offers a stunning panorama over the valley and the hills of Dolenjska with vineyards. Continue downhill all the way to Gabrovka, then turn left towards Trebnje. Cycle slightly downhill for about 5 km, then in the village Ravne behind the corner of a big house with a garden, turn left towards the village Cirnik. Keep going straight and join the main road Gabrovka-Mirna. Turn right, continue downhill to Mirna and turn right before the bridge below the castle, go past the fishpond and continue to the River Mirna. Turn left along the main road and cross the stone bridge. Cycle for half a kilometre, then in a slight right turn where the road branches, turn left towards Trstenik. Continue through the village Straža. On cycling along the plain of Šentrupert,
turn right towards the solitary farm. Passing the farm, you will continue along the cart track amongst the fields and then join onto the main road in Rakovnik. In Prelesje, turn right and continue along the forest trail to the meadow, then turn right and cycle along the grass trail to the stream Mirna. Turn left and follow the stream Mirna or Mirenščica to the bridge where the stream Bistrica flows into it. Turn left and continue on the macadam road alongside the stream Bistrica to the crossing over the railway line and on to the main road Mokronog-Trebnje. The route takes you to the village Bistrica, where you will turn right by the shrine and cycle into the
village. Join the macadam road and head back to the starting point – the square in Šentrupert.


The Charcoal Land is located on the plateau of Dolsko in the eastern part of the Heart of Slovenia. Charcoal burning was brought to this area more than one hundred years ago by the Italian charcoal burners. Today there are 16 charcoal-burning farms in the village of Dole pri Litiji, which burn 30 charcoal piles each year. The method of preparing a charcoal pile and the lifestyle at such farms can be experienced at the Brinovec Charcoal Burner Homestead. An interesting hike around the Charcoal Land is organised in May for all who wish to get acquainted with charcoal burning.

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